What was Gunjan Dangwal Death Reason? Uttarakhand Singer Road Accident: This is to inform you that recently a young folk singer from India named Gunjan Dangwal passed away. Yes, the young sensation in the folk industry has departed. But what actually happened to him and how did he die? These are the most talked-about questions related to Gunjan Dangwal. As per the source, the young musician died in an accident. Gunjan Dangwal was traveling to Chandigarh to meet one of his friends when he was unfortunately involved in an accident. Since the news of Gunjan Dangwal’s death surfaced on the web many are scrounging to learn why Gunjan Dangwal was so famous and who was Gunjan Dangwal? In this article, we will tell you everything about Gunjan Dangwal. We assure you if you follow it till it’s not ended then you will become educated on Gunjan Dangwal’s age, father, career, and persona. Scroll down the page. Follow UptoBrain.com For More Updates

Gunjan Dangwal

How did Gunjan Dangwal die?

As per the details, Gunjan Dangwal was the proud son of Kailash Dangwal who is a resident of Tehri. Moreover, the late folk singer was involved in a car crash while he was heading to Chandigarh to meet one of his friends. It was a matter of Saturday morning. Furthermore, Gunjan Dangwal’s car struck a wall of bricks in Panchkula due to which he suffered an unbearable loss. Meanwhile, Gunjan Dangwal was declared dead at the scene by the respective unit. Have a look below to get more about him.

Gunjan Dangwal Death Reason

Reports claimed that the late folk singer was alone when he faced a fatal accident in Panchkula on Saturday morning. According to the reports, Gunjan Dangwal died after living 26 years of his life. It is with great sadness that he just tasted the flavor of success and stardom but he was not aware of his short journey in this world. It will not be wrong if we say that Gunjan Dangwal lived a rememberable life not a lengthy life.

Who was Gunjan Dangwal?

Gunjan Dangwal did Electrical engineering at GB Pant School of Engineering located in Ghurdari. After completing his engineering he pursued his career in folk music and he also showed his interest in the pop genre. Meanwhile, his debut album was Nandu Mama Ki Sayli. Shortly after the breaking out of Gunjan Dangwal’s death news, many notable personalities shared their deepest condolences with the grieving family through social media. We pray for Gunjan Dangwal’s family. Stay tuned to this page.


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