Again surprising & shocking news comes into our knowledge. Reportedly found that a 30 years old doctor in Gujarat allegedly killed her sister and mother. In the investigation, it was found that she injected her mother & sister with drugs. Later in few minutes after killing her mother & sister, the female doctor attempted suicide by taking an overdose of sleeping pills to end her life. She was living at Sahajananad Society in the Katargam locality. Know complete details and the name of the doctor who killed her mother and sister in Gujarat.


In the investigation, the name of three victims appeared. The name of the female doctor is Dr Darshana Prajapati. Her mother’s name is Manjulaben (59) and her sister’s name is Falguni (28) with drugs at their house in the Katagram area on Saturday night that caused their death on Sunday morning. Currently, she is under specialized treatment at the Civil Hospital.

Gujarat Homeopathy Doctor Kills Mother and Sister

“Both Manjulaben and Falguni died apparently due to drug overdose while Dr Darshana is undergoing treatment at the civil hospital where the police recorded her statement,” Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), D-Division, DJ Chavda told reporters.

The statement has been recorded by police and Dr Darshana told police that she was fed up with her life and certain things. The post mortem report has come and the drug is the same as Dr Darshana said in her statement.

Till now there is no other person appear who involved in this case. Possibly there may be a strong reason behind this big step taken by Dr Darshana. No one can commit suicide for any reason. The news is getting viral over the internet.

She was living with her mother, sister, brother and sister-in-law. At the time of the incident, her brother and sister-in-law were away from the house. So far the available details have been identified in the investigation and further investigation is in the process. When the remaining information comes into our knowledge, we will add it here.


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