For anyone who wants to start a career in the IT industry, there is certainly no shortage of options and career paths to be considered. However, the AZ-900 or the Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals test is a convenient option for anyone looking to work in the fastest-growing IT sector. The test allows the individuals to get a Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification and doesn’t require the candidate to have much experience to be eligible for the exam. After clearing this exam, individuals can work as cloud security experts or in cloud computing, depending on their abilities and interests.

Cloud-based services are a competitive and fast-growing sector within the industry that continues to grow into diverse business markets. Customers have fewer visible provider options, with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure leading companies.

Pursuing cloud-based Microsoft certifications is an intelligent way to acquire industry knowledge and create more job opportunities. The AZ-900 exam is an excellent option for non-IT individuals willing to change their career paths.

One of the most crucial aspects of the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals or Microsoft Certification training is that part of the certification allows the candidates to gain basic knowledge on cloud-based services that are not necessarily Microsoft-specific. The exam of  AZ 900 was designed with an introductory approach to support the increasing number of IT working professionals. 

The step by step guide to cracking the Microsoft AZ-900 exams is mentioned below:

Essentials of the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: 

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals testing gets designed as a beginner-level test for those who like to learn the concept of cloud computing and focus on the cloud services offered by Microsoft Azure. 

If you are a participant in buying and selling cloud services, this test will benefit you even if you come from a non-technical experience. In addition, this test will be helpful for people who want to verify their basic knowledge of cloud services or solutions. Also, it will be beneficial if the test taker has basic computer knowledge or experience before starting the official preparation for the AZ-900 exam. 

Exam Structure:

Like most Azure tests, you can expect 40 to 60 questions in the AZ-900 exam, and you will get 85 minutes to solve them. There will also be a different question format, such as storytelling, short answer, repetitive answer options, build list, hotspot, multiple-choice, product update, update screen, active screen, better response, drag, drop, etc., during your test. You can answer any number of test questions. There will be no negative marking for giving incorrect answers. 

Study Recommendations: 

You can opt for the 12-module Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Learning Path course offered by Microsoft to prepare for the exam, which will help you get the basic knowledge needed to pass the exam.

If you are not interested in reading the pages and choose to listen, you can sign up for any online course or other training offered by training sites and institutions.

Examination Fee:

It is mandatory to check the test price before preparing for the AZ-900 test. These test fees may vary depending on the test location. You will enjoy a reduced rate if you are:

  • A Microsoft Imagine Academy program member.
  • The Microsoft Partner Network program.
  • The Microsoft Certified Professional.

Students also have the right to a rebate.

Passing Marks and Re-exam policy:

You must get 700 points to pass this test. A candidate who receives fewer votes than this number will be considered insolvent. You can get your test results a few minutes after the trial ends.

The dashboard can contain standardized test performance, pass or fail status, a bar chart indicating performance in crucial test areas, and translation method guidelines. And also the results of your test.

Many students have expressed doubts about the rules for repeating the tests before preparing for the AZ-900 exam or during preparation. If you are trying this test and cannot pass it for the first time, you should wait at least 24 hours before re-testing.

If this happens to you the second time, the waiting period for the next test may be increased to 14 days. This way, you can take a maximum of 5 repetitions per year.

Microsoft Online courses:

Online training courses play an essential role in preparing for the Azure Fundamentals or exam testing of the AZ-900. Although Microsoft also offers costly official training, many affordable options are available to people preparing for the Azure Fundamentals or the AZ 900 exam.

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam Prep: 

It is one of the most popular courses for examining the AZ-900 or Azure Fundamentals. This course is updated to incorporate the latest test curriculum. The system includes practice tests for better preparation.

Microsoft AZ-900 Exam Prep Specialization: 

It is another excellent tool for preparing for the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals and the AZ -900 Exam. It is created by Microsoft itself, meaning you will be learning from the source itself. This course is closely aligned with the exam topics and incorporates everything in the syllabus, making it an excellent AZ-900 test subject. 

Books and Stimulators: 

Mentioning some of the most helpful and reliable books to prepare for the exam:

  • Azure: Microsoft Azure Tutorial for Beginners 
  • Microsoft Azure for Beginners: Getting Started with Microsoft Azure.

Using Simulator is one way to test your skills and abilities in a particular area. 


The AZ-900 is an introductory Microsoft Azure certification standard. It does not require prior knowledge compared to other tests based on the role of Azure, so anyone with basic skills and intellectual ability can easily pass this test. But you should identify the appropriate AZ-900 exam preparation resources as they can give you more details on how to deal with preparing for your exam.


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