In this blog, we are talking about the “Gudden Tumse na ho Payega” which is one of the best shows on zee5. Now here we are going to share with you the written updates of the “Guddan Tumse Na Ho Pyaega” show. In today’s episode the beginning of the serial, Ganga says that you have to throw this boiled water on DILs. Guddan replies are you mad? Ganga says if you don’t do this here then it will do with your daughter also. Durga says no, it will not be done with the Choti. so please do it. Laxmi says we can handle her just because of the Choti. Ganga says now Guddan you have to decide that she want to burn them or Choti now its all her decision? Guddan says shut up. If you said anything about the Choti then I will think that you say to me. Ganga says firstly checkup the settlement. Then she shows the clip in which of a hot water pot hanging over the Choti.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega

Aj comes on the location and says that is the location. Then he hears the temples bells and remembers the Guddan said she heard bells. They say that he is on the right place. Guddan is not well and she is crying. Ganga Syas whom do you want to burn let’s start. Now see whose going to choose you. Aj comes outside from the shade and goes inside. Ganga says what are you thinking? Come on and burn DILs. Because of them, you are the youngest MIL Now Guddan is in tears and says I don’t know what can I go? And she started searching… Where is Aj?

Aj comes inside and starts searching for the Choti. Guddan takes the water and walks towards the Laxmi and Durga. Durga says that I did not let anything happen to you. Guddan has regret. Guddan start sobbing. Laxmi says you can blame me but Durga says don’t blame me. Guddan pours the water on the Durga’s lap. Durga start screaming. Guddan is unable to take breathe. Durga waiting and Guddan pours the boiled water on her. Durga start screaming in pain.

Aj searching his daughter and ask where is my daughter? suddenly he sees a feeder. Aj says that it means that they are here and now they gone. Thug shifted the Choti in another shed. Choti starts crying. Thug says that they forget the fiddler at home and Choti continues crying. for more written updating new stay connect with us.



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