Today in this blog we are talking about the “Guddan Tumse Na ho Payega” begins with the Guddan preparation for the Arti. Laxmi and Durga also help in preparation to handle other things. Aj is outside the shed. He starts the prayer and thinks that h knows that Chotti is near to me he can feel her. I really beg you please help to find her because Gddab is waiting for her. I can’t go with the empty hand there. She can’t celebrate the Janmasthmi without her daughter. Now, this is the last thing which I am asking you.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega latest episode

The basket lady follows them. Motu and Patlu also follow her. The lady left the basket there. A block drop from the building on the basket lady. Aj safe the basket lady and also safe the basket. He asks from her is she Alright? She said thank you to Aj that he Safe her life. Aj gives her the basket and said that he feels that his daughter is near to him. He doesn’t want anything I only want my daughter he said.

Does Ganga ask that have you completed your Janmasthmi preparation? Guddan says to Laxmi, Durga please be ready for the arti. Ganga is getting surprised to see everyone doing arti so she asks that is Chotti back home? that why everyone doing worship. Guddan says if my Chooti comes back then she knows firstly. Ganga says I think that Choti is back that why you are doing this celebration. Guddan doing the prayer please god give me my daughter, Guddan says God is always with us and he definitely hears out the problem and helps to solve it.

Ganga ask for the arti and suddenly her saree catches the fire. She starts shouting somebody helps her then Guddan goes and extinguishes the fire. Laxmi said that your connection with God is a break. Ganga says she hurt you, aren’t you done admiring her? She says that she put on the sanitizer on the saree that’s why it happens. But Guddan says that you making suffer an innocent baby that is why it happens with you. You are giving for your crimes. Ganga goes from there. Durga shows the console to Guddan and makes her understand that God is without Choti everything will be fine, please stop crying. For more updating written telecast stay connect with us and stay safe!



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