In the written episode of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 29th October 2018 AJ saves Guddan’s life. The today’s episode begins with some transgenders came to the home and asks Laxmi and Saru for Shagun. Shweta is one of them with her face hidden. Saru said that she is the one who got married. Guddan cames inside we will dance together. You people are so positivity. The transgender said that’s he is such a good girl. Durga cames and said what is happening here.

She cannot be Laxmi. She is the mother in law of her. The transgender said that she is the one who handles every situation in the house. She has to give us 1 lax. Shweta said to give her sweets first. She gives poisonous sweet to Guddan. Durga said to give her. Durga brings cash and said sasu ma this is the price of your mistakes on all these currency notes.

The transgender said that they do not do all this, please. Guddan said that no worries that I can do this. She writes her mistakes on each note. Guddan said I will keep doing one mistake, that I can do anything. Guddan dances with them. She said to Durga came to dance.

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AJ and Dadi come home. The transgender said the groom is her too. Dadi said that they gave them your blessings. Laxmi said that Durga has given them 2 lacks rupee. The transgender said to holds the hand and I will give you the blessings together. To listen this Guddan holds the hand of Aj.

She gives them blessings. Dadi said to Guddan that we got this anklet for you. AJ will make you wear. AJ makes her wear the anklet. Laxmi cames to her room and said that they messed with my head. Shweta is in her room.

Precap: Guddan cooks the food for the first time. It is the festival for all the women that is Karwa Chauth.


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