Who Is Griffin Green, ‘Bodega Bro’? Controversy TikTok Videos Explained: There was a firing incident where a native of Michigan and a new resident in the New York City, Griffin Green was fired. He had posted jokes on Tik Tok that there is no availability of good food at bodegas, which have small corner grocery stores. Griffin was also known as Bodega Bro. He was being slammed by users from the same platforms that he was making fun of on a serious issue and they had seen it as a clueless and offensive reaction as he has only started experiencing the culture of New York and its diversity. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Griffin Green, ‘Bodega Bro’

Who Is Griffin Green, ‘Bodega Bro’?

Griffin’s Tik Tok page has been set to private. He can be seen in a football uniform of Green color. According to his Twitter profile he is from Rochester, Michigan. His reasoning and thought process has made him a target of many critics and they have started calling him a “Chad from the Midwest”, which is a derogatory term used to refer to white men who are not capable of understanding diverse cultures.

“Do you often hire racist employees?”, written by a Twitter user on Griffin’s company, Outreach, where he has shared his videos.

There have been some who are defending the TikToker, however, the company is also getting slammed on social media platforms. The user also wrote that will they also fire the people who prefer Braves to the Yankees. Another user wrote that they fired an employee for no valid reason which is quite unreal.

Griffin wrote that if people are following him then they know that he was fired for some garbage reason and now he has no way to pay rent for the house that he had got on a 1-year lease. He asked for help from people by donations so that he can pay his rent on time.

Griffin referred to another tweet where it said that Help out Bodega Bro, his employer had fired him for making jokes on Tik Tok and that he has no way of paying his rents. There has been a collection of more than $4,000 that was raised to help him. Griffin defended himself using the reason that People can be branded as mean and bad people when all they want to do is just explore new things at a new place. He added that he was just exploring New York for the first time and that he didn’t know that people go shopping at these corner grocery stores.


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