A man from New Jersey wanted for beating his daughter to death and seriously injured his wife with a baseball bat, who is identified as Gregory Kelemen found dead around in a wooded area near the 300 block of Preston Avenue. The body of Gregory Kelemen was found at around 11:30 AM on Tuesday, November 23, 2021.

gregory kelemen

He was 57-years-old and found guilty in the murder case of her daughter. According to the police reports, Kelemen died from the self-inflicted wound by gunshot. Along with this, the police also revealed that the attack on his daughter and wife took place about a mile away at the house of the killer.

Gregory Kelemen Found Dead after Killing His Daughter

One of their neighbors, Kara Morley said,” I couldn’t sleep the whole night, I was up all night”. As per the probable cause statement, the father of a 22-years-old daughter, Katherine Kelemen was suspected of assault in the family’s home with a baseball bat in the early of Monday, resulting in her death.

Gregory Kelemen was facing a first-degree murder charge. According to the Kelemen’s neighbors, Katherine Kelemen was a senior at Temple University and all set to complete her graduation in May.

Neighbor Tony Mascino said,” They were a too nice family. We can’t expect that to happen, especially when you them entire life. It is very tragic, very heartbreaking for all”. Gregory Kelemen was also facing an attempt to murder for attacking his wife, Sheri Kelemen. Police clear that he hit his wife with a baseball bat multiple times which leaves her in critical condition.

Along with the police reports, the Court paper reveals that Sheri Kelemen was sleeping and awakened by her husband Gregory Kelemen when he started to hit her with a baseball bat. During this accident, he was continuously saying that he can’t take it anymore.

Later, both victims, Katherine Kelemen and Sheri Kelemen were found in their him by Voorhees Township Police on the 100 block of Round Hill Road around 6:45 AM on Monday after 911 received a call from the home. Police says both the victim suffered serious injuries.

Katherine Kelemen was taken to the hospital where she was declared dead by the doctors. But according to the doctors, Sherin Kelemen is in critical condition but stable. The police are still investigating the case and clarifying what was exactly happened at that place and what lead up to the deadly bat attack. Katherine’s University also issued a statement following the attack.


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