How did Gregory Itzin die and what was his cause of death? Star Trek, Friends, and 24 actor dies, aged 74: The actor from the famous series ’24’, Gregory Itzin passed away very recently at the age of 74. He had played the role of President Charles Logan. Gregory was not just the star of 24 but was also playing a major role in NCIS. The Actor had passed away after many complications that crept in during emergency surgery. This was confirmed by his manager Lisa Gallant. Follow More Updates On

Gregory Itzin

How did Gregory Itzin die?

The first major attack experienced by Gregory was at a performance of a play by Shakespeare, although, he came back later and was continuing his theatre, TV, and film career. He was the sort of person who loved arts and the only thing that he loved more was his family. Greg was able to marry the love of his life, Judie, and they stayed married for 43 years and they gave birth to two children together. His kids were his pride and joy. They also went on to start their life as artists. This was also said by her assistant in the interview.

Gregory Itzin Death Cause

He was spending the last of his days with his sister, niece, and nephew and also with his son and grandson. Wilke has also shared his emotions on the tragedy that befell his father. He went to social media to write, “It is hard to put into words the life of a man lived to its fullest.” He also added that his father was known in the world as a phenomenal actor and the sort of work that would make short work of many famous actors’ resumes. He has played part in everything from ‘Airplane’, ‘Friends’, ‘Mork and Mindy’ and the most important of them was his role of president on 24 and there were so many roles that he had played that we can’t even mention here or it will fill the list with that only. Let’s talk a little about the life of the actor.

Who was Gregory Itzin?

Gregory was born on the 20th of April in 1948 and died recently. He was an American actor who was known throughout the film industry. His love for art is second to none. He was born in Washington DC and was born to the parents Evelyn and Martin. His family moved to Burlington when he was studying in sixth grade. Martin was the mayor of that town. Later on in his life, he was trained at the American Conservatory Theater that is in San Francisco. All we can say is that he was a legend and that he will live on forever.


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