Again, we are back with another enthralling information for all the people who are eager to know more about the brand new Gossip Girl Episode 2. One of the most interesting characters of the episode is Max Wolfe (Thomas Doherty) who is looking for a sex life to match. Now, the upcoming episode of the show clearly shows that the line between teachers and students is appearing very thin and Max is the only one who always appears to be flirting with one of his teachers. Not only this but the concept of the relationship between students and teachers actually giving an edge to the story of the show.

Gossip Girl Reboot Episode 2 Recap

The writers of the show Gossip Girl Reboot are actually appearing very enthralling and exciting which is engaging millions of people to watch it. Let us also tell you that the idea is not appearing to sit well with fans. But, fans also loved the drama and enjoying such as Elite and Riverdale.

Gossip Girl Reboot “Episode 2

The new concept in episode 2 is not sitting well among fans as no one can expect that the students will fulfill their sexual needs with teachers and they flirting teachers to make their physical needs complete.

After the release of the Gossip Girl Episode 2, many fans took social media and putting lots of comments that how they feel after watching the brand new episode of the show. One of the fans wrote, “I’m so uncomfortable watching this not a student Pursuing a sex with a teacher #GossipGirl”.

Along with it, several fans ask the question that why Max is the only one in the story who is such fair of sexual activity, is so keen to sleep with the teacher in the first place. The thinking of the fans is that the character of Max is just plain messy and he is not involved in the hot mess sort of fashion.

Gossip Girl Reboot “Episode 2 Recap

Among several comments, one of the fans tweeted that “Max is fooling around with both Aki and Audrey and pursuing a teacher if messy was a person it’s definitely him #GossipGirl”. So, it is cleared that after watching the Gossip Girl Reboot “Episode 2”, fans are very uncomfortable that teachers and students having sexual relationships with each other.

The concept was not appreciable and also fans not loving the concept that the writers show in the latest episode of the show. So, if you want to know some more details related to the upcoming projects then you just need to stay connected with us.


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