Three new features have been introduced by Google to its Google Maps App. These features are introduced to the Indian version of the app only. These new features provide real-time updates to its users like when the train or Bus will be arriving, which route will be better to take on an auto-rickshaw ride and various other commuter based updates.

The very first feature is the real-time commuter update which provides information about any delays in the Bus traveling. It provides exact information about any delay in the arrival time while traveling through a Bus, as the feature will show the live traffic on its route. Currently limited to Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Pune, Surat, Mysore, this feature will pop-up a message on the app screen, or notification, if there will be any delay in the Arrival Time of the Bus, otherwise a message in green color will be notified to show the travel time, if there will be no delay in the journey.

The second feature is introduced in collaboration with the ‘Where is my Train’ app, which, in the previous year, was acquired by the search engine giant. This feature will provide information about any delays in the long distance journeys through trains. Also, users can track the train by entering the information about their starting and destination point, and even check the list of trains which are traveling on the same route.

Currently available in Bangalore and Delhi only, the third feature which is called as ‘mixed-mode directions’, helps people who switch to different means of public transport during their daily journeys. It combines commute in auto-rickshaws and public transport. This feature helps the users by guiding them with the choice of transport they should opt, auto-rickshaw or other means of transport like Bus, train, etc. Also, it provides information about its estimated total fare as well.


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