On the 107th Birth Anniversary of the first Indian woman, Sarla Thukral who flew an aircraft Gypsy Moth solo, was honoured by Google on her birth anniversary on August 8 with the unique and attractive doodle which is showing the achievement of the Indian woman. The doodle of an Indian aircraft lady was illustrated by Artist Vrinda Zaveri.

Sarla Thukral, First Indian Pilot Woman

The company said during explaining the meaning of the doodle,” Thukral was an inspiration for millions of women in the world as Google decided to share the doodle this year in honour of 107th birth anniversary”.

Who Is Sarla Thukral?

At a very little age, she achieved new heights in her life by taking her first solo flight and later, become the first Indian woman pilot. At that time, Sarla Thukral was just 21-years-old and she got her aviation pilot license in 1936. On the official Twitter account of Google India,” Today’s Google Doodle honours the unbelievable designer, pilot, and entrepreneur, on the 107th birth anniversary”.

She was an inspiring woman for every woman in the world as in the minor age, she earned her name by taking her first solo flight and achieved the biggest honour. Many people want to know about her and who is she? We are going to provide some information about Sarka Thukral.

Sarla Thukral was born on August 8, 1914, in New Delhi, British India and was the first Indian woman who flies an aircraft in 1936 when she was 21-years-old. Gypsy Moth Solo was the first plan which is flown by her. She had a daughter of 4-years-old. After receiving her license, she completed her one thousand hours of flying an aircraft which is owned by Lahore Flying Club. She was married at the age of 16 with P.D. Sharma. Her husband came from a family where nine members of the family was pilot.

First Indian Woman Pilot in The Indian Air Force

Along with this. P.D Sharma was the first Indian who got an airmail pilot’s license and he flew between Karachi and Lahore. After completed her one thousand hours, she got an “A” license as well. Accidentally, P.D Sharma died in a plane crash in 1939. Later, Sarla Thukral tried for the license of her commercial pilot license but due to World World II, the training was suspended.

She had to survive with her child, she had to earn money. She deserted her plans to become a pilot, she went back to Lahore and trained in the Bengal School of painting. After spending some time, she came back to India after Partition where she married with R.P Thakral in 1948. She also became a businesswoman, and painter as well. Later, she took her last breathe on March 15, 2008.


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