On October 2017, Google launched its Pixel 2 and simultaneously talked about the Artificial intelligent Google Clips Camera, which was found interesting to everybody. Google got the approval from the Federation and Google started selling the clips camera last weekend on its google store and it is really in high demand as it became out of stock so early. Now the bookings are open and delivery is expected to be on 29 February which is a bit late. Price of the Intelligent clips camera is $249 around 16,200 INR.

The question arises, so what makes the Clips Camera extraordinary product and why it is in high demand. Actually, it automatically takes the picture whenever it observes some unique activity and captures the best and perfect moment and in the best light. It adjusts its resolution and has 130-degree lens. It has been designed with Machine learning process so that it does not take useless photographs. It can be synced wirelessly with phones and ensures safety also as it does not transfer data to other servers.

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Google Clips are really trending now among parents who take regular photographs of their kids and this will capture every right moment. Google explains how camera understands what to click and what to not by HUMAN-CENTERED learning and appointed professional photographers to make it better and help Camera in visual learning.


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