The 7th Season of Good Witch has made us more enthusiastic to know the audience about the upcoming stimulations in Sam and Cassie’s relationship. In the last episode, Sam was seen operating on a professional basketball but due to his arm, he finds fault with himself. Joy and Zoey were doing good together and it seems like everything is in perfect manner until Joy sees Zoey with another woman. This incident made Joy cracky but things settled soon as she found that Zoey is not interested in talking to that woman. Things could be worse between them but Zoey avoids talking to Joy about the incident. Cassie is upset and thinks if she could

Good Witch Season 7 Episode 5

have received that money from Sam instead of Abigail which he offered her a few days back. She feels bad but doesn’t show it up. Abigail finds that he is missing his ex-girlfriend Stephaine and couldn’t help thinking about her. Sam reaches the Basketball court and joins Adam in a game where he got injured. Sam goes to the hospital and got to know that this is a major injury and he wouldn’t be able to play basketball ever again. He thinks he could save the life of Damien but he didn’t pay any attention to the matter. While he was continuously thinking about his arm,

Adam comes to apologize but Sam refuses to talk at the moment. Zoey shows a picture to Joy and tells her about his relationship with women which made Joy more upset. Joy got upset thinking of her mother’s death and they both reconcile. Recently viewers watch that Sam is upset as he has lost his arm and also lost his hopes with that accident. Adam again apologizes to Sam but he ignores him which made Adam more guilty. Martha is trying to

cop with her cousin Maxine in spite of being annoyed by each other. Abigail is still confused if she should accept Donovan’s money or not. She was thinking about Sam which make her more upset. Donovan asks him to take some time to think and he will accept her decision. Sam motivates himself to play basketball even if he has lost his arm. Joy finally open up to Zoey which made them give time to their relationship for better understanding. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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