The American crime comedy-drama TV series “Good girl” is on its way to the finale episode of its 4th season. This series is created by Jenna Bans which was first aired on NBC on 26th February 2018. The executive producers. of series are Dean Parisot, Jeannie Renshaw, and Bans. Now the series is gaining popularity by entertaining the audience with its fourth series. The fourth season was premiered on 7th March and moving toward the finale episode. The show is about the story of a three girls Beth, Annie, and Ruby who are struggling to manage their expenses and facing financial issues. They get involved in criminal activities and this story will


entertain viewers to solve the mysteries happening around them. They try to escape from the events they did knowingly and it catches people’s attention. They are tired of having giving up on anything they thought of doing. They decide to rob a supermarket to manage their expense.

They got caught by the store manager after he recognizes one of the women. This series has 16 episodes in this season. The first three seasons was launched with 11 episodes but this season will give some extra entertainment to the audience.

The series has completed 14 episodes on 8th July and four episodes are remaining. This show seems to be aired weekly until the finale episode will premiere on 22nd July. This will be the end of the show as NBC has cancelled the series.

Now the story will be at its end and the final episode will reveal all the mysterious things. NBC announced to cancel the show on 25th June and come after talks broke down over financing a fifth and final season. Christina Hendrick is playing Beth, a mother of four and a housewife. She is living separately after her husband cheated on her.

Retta is playing Ruby Hill who is Beth’s best friend and a struggling waitress. She is a waiter and trying to earn for her daughter Sara as she is facing kidney issues. Mae Whitman is playing Anne Marks who is Beth’s younger sister and mother of Ben. She works at Fine & Frugal for the majority of the series. Manny Montana is playing Christopher and known for her high-ranking criminal records. He used to run his business by wrapping pills, paper, and cars. The show is currently not available on Netflix. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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