Now, the era of the web series bringing the heat all over the world. The madness among the audience to watch the new Harlon Coben adaptation Gone for Good is now available on Netflix and making everyone eager to watch the brand new web series.

gone for good netflix

The web series is produced in France and the five parts of the series will be hooked up to all the fans to watch the thrilling web series. As all of us know that every time, Netflix coming with some brilliant and fantastic web series that increase the enthusiasm among the audience to watch the new series.

Gone For Good Spoilers Review

If we talk about the story of the series, then it follows Guillaume Lucchesi who lost the two people he loved the most die. The two people are Sonia, his first love, and his brother Fred. After ten years, the past again resurfaces when his girlfriend Judith suddenly disappeared after the funeral of his mother.

To find, his girlfriend, Guillaume will never stop and he regularly trying to find her. The makers of the series Gone For Good are David Elkaïm and Vincent Poymori, with Harlan Coben. The series is a very face-paced thriller that makes the entire environment highly thrilling and much anticipated for the viewers.

It is a French thrilling series that engages millions of people to watch the mesmerizing story of the series. The story contains secret past lives, filled with a harsh and brutal reality, and, of course, unpredictable twists. If we talk about the lead roles of the series, then it is played by some brilliant stars given below.

Gone For Good Full Star Cast

  • Finnegan Oldfield
  • Garance Marillier
  • Nicolas Duvauchelle
  • Nailia Harzoune

Now, it will be actually worth watching what will happen next. As all of us know that the madness among the audience to watch the highly thrilling series is very high and everyone is keen to watch the complete story of the series. The story of the series begins in 2010, and Guillaume is still in love with his first love Sonia.

One day, he heard shouting and a gun firing sound from her house and he suddenly sees that her brother Fred was being chased by another man with a gun. On the other hand, Sonia drowned in the pool and then Fred falls into the sea but the man continues to shoot at him.

Now, it will be going to happen again when his new girlfriend will disappear suddenly after his mother’s funeral. So, Gone For Good is now available on Netflix and everyone all over the world can watch the complete series without any hesitation.


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