The month or whole year will go fantastic for the K-pop fans as their popular group is all set to release one more amazing album for the Korean fans. Yes, the South Korean boy band, Golden Child is ready to release an album for the fans and the announcement of the release has already been made over the Internet. Since then, the fans are really excited to listen to fantastic tracks of the band.

Golden Boy New Album Game Changer

Album Release Date

It has been just two days of August and it seems that the month will spend fantastic for the Korean fans. The band has already released their first album of the year titled “Yes” in the month of January and the tracks of the album “Burn It’ and “Breathe” were hit as it entered some tracks list charts like Gaon, and iTunes.

Now, the upcoming album of Golden Boys will be confirmed as Game Changer and maybe, it will definitely change the game of the Korean band. The hype of the band is rapidly increasing among listeners and they are still waiting to listen to the latest album of the band. The group was also listed on Billboard for the time. Now, the band is capturing the attention of millions of fans and they are excited about the Golden Child’s summer album which is going to be released this month, August.

The lead songs of the album “Ra Pam Pam” has already gained lots of audiences and we have no doubt about the song that who much popularity will be gained by the album of the year. Here some more important details of the upcoming album.

The fans are excited for a very long time and it will be interesting to hear that Golden Child’s Game Changer will be released on August 2, 2021 at 6 PM KST and also, you can listen to all the songs of the album at 5 AM Easter Time.

How To Stream Album’s Track

After releasing the album, the fans can listen these tracks on some platforms but most of the famous streaming platforms are Apple Music, MelOn, Spotify and many more. Also, the songs will be available on Youtube.

Album Tracklist

Many songs is going to release in the album and fans are too excited to listen to all the songs of the album. Well, Ra Pam Pam will be the title track of the album and here are some more tracks of the album.

  • Game Changer
  • “Ra Pam Pam”
  • “Bottom Of The Ocean”
  • “Fanfare”
  • “Singing In The Rain”
  • “Game”
  • “Spell”
  • “We ‘re Raining Outside The Window”
  • “Feeling”
  • “I Know It”

The tracks of the album were written all the artist of the band while Jangjun was a writer of “Ra Pam Pam” and “Poppin”. On the other side, He and Tag is a writer of “Fanfare” and “Spell”. Now, the fans can listen to all the tracks on the above-mentioned platforms.


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