Some of the Handball leagues are introducing amazing matches to the fans and if you have heard the name of Euro Handball League so, you must have watched the matches of the league. Most of the fans love to watch the matches of the league because the league comes with some amazing players who have played many matches and today, the league is back with one more match like always.

gog vs tbv live score

Tonight, team Limoges (GOG) and team TBV Lemgo Lippe (TBV) are back with another match of the league. Fans are eagerly waiting to watch the match on the handball court.

GOG vs TBV Live Score

According to the sources, the match is about to start and teams have also reached to the venue to play the next match. There are lots of players who has chances to play tonight such as Viktor Hallgirmsson, Mathias Gidsel, Peter Johannesson, Jonathan Carlsbogard, and Bjarki Mar Elisson.

They are the most popular players of the league who is known for their gameplay and tonight, they will play a battle on the handball court. Are you ready for the match tonight? so, let’s wait for the match together, and let see what will be the response of the teams for each other.

GOG vs TBV: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Limoges (GOG) vs TBV Lemgo Lippe (TBV)
  • League:- Euro Handball League
  • Venue:- Arena Fyn, Odense
  • Date:- Tuesday, December 7, 2021
  • Time:- 11:15 PM (IST) & 05:45 PM (GMT)

GOG vs TBV: Team Squad

Limoges (GOG):- Oscar Bergendahl, Mads Jacob Kragh Thomsen, Joachim Lyng Als, Mathias Larson, Torbjorn Bergerud, Christoffer Sundsgaard Dreyer, Morten Toft-Olsen, Kasper Emil-Kildelund, Viktor Hallgrimsson, Mathias Gidsel, Emil Wernsdorf-Madsen, Hjalte Lykke, Viktor Vlastos, Frederik Kiehn-Clausen, Simon Bogetoft-Pytlick, Jerry Tollbring, Lukas Jorgensen, Lasse Mathias Pedersen, Simon Bak Ostersen, Matthias-Rene Rex-Dorgelo, Atal Lakanval, Emil Laerke, Emil-La-Cour Andersen, Anders Zachariassen, and Anders Beschau.

TBV Lemgo Lippe (TBV):- Lukas Hutecek, Jonathan Carlsbogard, Andreas Cederholm, Tim Suton, Leve Carstensen, Michel Reitemann, Kian Schwarzer, Thore Oetjen, Finn Zecher, Timon Muhlenstadt, Andrej Kogut, Luinus Geis, Hark Hansen, Isaias Guardiola, Niko Blaauw, Peter Johannesson, Frederik Simak, Lukas Zerbe, Bobby Schagen, Gedeon Guardiola Villaplana, and Bjarki Mar Elisson.

GOG vs TBV: Lineups Player

Limoges (GOG):- Simon Bogetoft-Pytlick, Jerry Tollbring, Mathias Gidsel, Emil Wernsdorf-Madsen, Viktor Hallgrimsson, Lukas Jorgensen, and Oscar Bergendahl.

TBV Lemgo Lippe (TBV):- Frederik Simak, Lukas Hutecek, Peter Johannesson, Bjarki Mar Elisson, Lukas Zerbe, Jonathan Carlsbogard, and Gedeon Guardiola Villaplana.

GOG vs TBV: Match Prediction

There are lots of teams in group B and each team has played 5 matches. Well, both teams will play their 6th match of the league and as we can see that team GOG is at 3rd spot with 5 matches and won just 3 matches. On the other side, team TBV is at the 5th spot with 4 victory matches out of 5 matches and the prediction reveals that team GOG has more chances to win tonight against team TBV.


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