Denmark Handball League is coming back with another wonderful match that is going on under the league. The battle means a handball match that will be started within a few hours and fans are excited to watch one more match of the league. Many more matches will be shown in the upcoming days and now, if you were waiting for this one so, your time has been over because the match is about to start and the lineups and many more things will reveal before a half-hour of the match.

GOG vs FHK Live Score

Tonight, team GOG Handball (GOG) and team Fredericia HK (FHK) will face off each other on the handball court. Along with this, the player who will play in this league has been announced and you can watch all of them on the court.

GOG vs FHK Live Score

In this paragraph, we will share some important updates of the match such as its time, date, venue, league, lineups players, and squad but the fans always want to know which team has more chances to win this match because after knowing the prediction, they can also play Dream11 prediction. So, are you excited about another match of the German Handball League? You can watch this match on Youtube and the official Facebook page of the teams who will be seen live during the match.

GOG vs FHK: Match Details

  • Team Names:- GOG Handball (GOG) vs Fredericia HK (FHK)
  • League:- German Handball League 2021-22
  • Venue:- Halle Polyvalente, Istres
  • Date:- Saturday, October 2, 2021
  • Time:- 07:30 PM IST

GOG vs FHK: Team Squad

GOG Handball (GOG):- Viktor Hallgrimsson, Kasper Emil-Kildelund, Lukas Jorgensen, Oscar Bergendahl, Christoffer Sundsgaard Dreyer, Lasse Mathias Pedersen, Simon Bak Ostersen, Matthias-Rene Rex-Dorgelo, Atal Lakanval, Simon Bogetoft-Pytlick, Anders Beschau, Mathias Gidsel, Emil Laerke, Emil Wernsdorf-Madsen, Lucas Lenter-Garsdal, Frederik Kiehn-Clausen, Mads Jacob Kragh Thomsen, Mathias Larson, Torbjorn Bergerud, Hjalte Lykke, Viktor Vlastos, Emil-La-Cour Andersen, Anders Zachariassen, Jerry Tollbring, and Morten Toft-Olsen.

Fredericia HK (FHK):- Jens Fredsgard, Kasper Young, Nikolaj Nielsen, Jonas Raundahl, Emil Tellerup, Rasmus Boysen, Malte Johannes Pedersen, Mads Christiansen, Cornelius Kragh, Rasmus Meyer Ejlersen, Jakob Frederiksen, Lukas Karlskov, Mishels Liaba, Anders Kragh Martinusen, Kristian Stoklund, Mads Emil Bayer Lenbroch, Nicolaj Norager, Jonas Kruse Kristensen, Lasse Balstad, Nikolaj Juhl Peterson, Emil Bue Larsen, and Martin Bisgaard.

GOG vs FHK: Probable Lineups Player

GOG Handball (GOG):- Emil Laerke, Emil Wernsdorf-Madsen, Morten Toft-Olsen, Viktor Hallgrimsson, Mathias Gidsel, Kasper Emil-Kildelund, and Jerry Tollbring.

Fredericia HK (FHK):- Kasper Young, Nikolaj Nielsen, Mishels Liaba, Jens Fredsgard, Kristian Stoklund, Anders Kragh Martinusen, and Jonas Raundahl.

GOG vs FHK: Match Prediction

The match is about to start and fans are also waiting to know which team has more chances to win this match because both teams have played amazing gameplay in their last matches.

Team GOG is standing on the 2nd spot and they won all the 4 matches while team FHK is standing on the 6th position with 3 winning matches out of 5 matches and again, they have more chances to win the upcoming match of this league.


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