The episode starts with the crew Mei, Yun, and Haberu who are trying to get over the incident of Godzilla. The supervisors said that the ancient Greek Stoics believe that the world gets destroyed by a great fire. They have seen burning the city and thinking about those who will stop all this to save the city to end the Godzilla Incident. Suddenly, Mei arrived at the location near the lake where Godzilla Singular point was situated. Yukie discusses with Makita the event of Godzilla and asks if this is the end of the world. Yukie says that they doubt that the God of the universe will erase the evidence that humans ever exist on the planet.

Godzilla Singular Point Episode 13 Preview Release dte


Mei, Bayler, and Rin enter the experiment room when Mei notices that the explosion happened because of the wrong calculation. Bayler said that the huge amount of calculations were repeated and compacted. He reminds them of the incident that happened 50 years ago. The Matarisvan was born out of the fire and Bayler says that this is the God of fire. Mei links this with Kagutsuchi, a Japanese God whose mother died burning when she gave birth to him. Bayler said that could be the prediction as this is nowhere written. In the previous episode, Professor Li relaunched the

Singular Point but they haven’t calculated it as a production plant. Mei has also said that professor Ashihara reached into the future and mess up with the calculations and also gets results from the future. Mei reveals that Professor Ashihara also reached into the future and also witnessed the devastation. He said that they must have attempted the calculator shortly instead of getting to the devastation. The Matarisvan has also said that the Dimension Calculator got sealed and it has passed 20 years that

no one has found that. After some time Professor Li destroyed the seal of the Super Dimension Calculator. Mei’s robot asks if the calculations were correct then they will be successful. Bayler told that they will be the result when they will reach the situation. Rin is planning to reach inside the base then they have climbed more stairs. Mei is worried about the results that they might yet in some time. Bayler said that Ashihara got caught in the explosion and went missing. To know more about this article and stay connected to us.


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