Goa Lottery Everest Magic Lotto Ravi Results: 23rd December 2018 is a big day for people who are eagerly waiting for today’s Goa lottery results. The results will be announced at 9 PM and will be updated here at this webpage as soon as it comes out. Lotteries are another fascinated thing about the party city of India after its beach parties.

Goa Lottery Everest Magic Lotto Ravi offers exciting prize money for the winners. This is one of the most enticing and easiest ways to become rich instantly. These lotteries are 100 percent safe and legal to play as it conducts by the Goa State Lottery department. The lottery offers whopping prize money to the first prize winner that can change anyone’s life.

Live: Goa Lottery Everest Magic Lotto Ravi Weekly Results, 23rd December 2018

Match the serial numbers of your lottery ticket to the following results and try your luck for one of the biggest cash flow of the party city of India. Check out the Goa Lottery Everest Magic Lotto Ravi Weekly Results below:

First Prize: Rs 450,000/-


Second Prize: Rs 9,000/-


Third Prize: Rs 5,000/-


Fourth Prize: Rs 3,000/-


Fifth Prize: Rs 1,000/-

Sixth Prize: Rs 500/-
Seventh Prize: Rs 250/-

Note: The Goa Lottery Today’s Result will be updated at 9 PM and you can check the full result shortly after the result comes out. Please refresh this website to check the updated results. 


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