Were Rapper Gnuk and Bosstop Shot Dead? Chicago Shooting Video Explained: According to the exclusive reports, the rapper Gnuk has been shot dead. We have recently got an update related t the Chicago shooting incident where at least 54 people were shot and a total number of seven people lost their lives. Among the seven casualties, rapper Gnuk and Boss Top were the two individuals who got shot and died at the scene. But there is a cliche in this report. When we dug deep into this matter and learned what actually happened to Gnuk and Boss Top then we found something positive for Rapper Gnuk and Boss Top’s close people and fans. If you are desired to learn the current status of rapper Gnuk and Boss Top then take a look below. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Gnuk and Bosstop

Rapper Gnuk and Bosstop Shot Dead?

After getting ample negative reports and information regarding his life status we finally got an update, as per the news he is still alive and receiving treatment at a hospital in Chicago. Moreover, he is said to be recovering from the bullet injury that he sustained in Chinatown. As per the source, the rapper is showing positive signs and recovering from the injury. Kindly scroll down the page for more details.

Do you really know how his death rumors started sparking on the internet? According to the source, two men armed with firearms started firing openly in Chinatown around 10:50 PM in the 2200 block of South Wentworth Avenue, due to open firing in the crowded area a woman was shot dead at the scene while rapper Gnuk and Boss Top got injured with the bullets. Thankfully, both are still alive and healing their injuries in a hospital. As per the current report, the woman who was shot dead was also rushed to the Stroger Hospital immediately after the shooting rampage but she could not suffer the pain of her injuries and died.

As per the respective authority, the woman was 24 years old while another woman who got shot in her hand is reportedly 42 years old, she is currently receiving treatment at the University f Chicago Medical Center. While the suspect or one of the two shooters is in the Northwestern Memorial Hospital as he got injured with a bullet in his buttocks. Rapper Gnuk is seeming to be in his 20s while the exact date of his birth is not confirmed. Stay tuned.


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