Glow Lancaster Nightclub Death: Man, 22, Dies In Hospital After seriously hurt by punch: As we know, in the nightclub something always happened. It can be a fight or something other, mishappening always occurs at these places. People get over drunk and do something wrong which they have to suffer for their whole life. Well, the incident happened in the nightclub in which a man Joshua Hughes who was 20 years old died after getting in a fight. We know you want to know the whole story don’t worry we will tell you the whole story of this incident. Let’s get detailed information on this news. Follow For More Updates

Glow Lancaster Nightclub

Glow Lancaster Nightclub Death

An incident happened in a nightclub which is named Glow Night Club located in Lancaster. A man who was just 20 years old went there to celebrate his birthday there but something else happened. He is then caught in a fight with a man who is 31 years old. This man got angered and punched the boy who was young, he then fell to the ground and his head hit with a rod after which he got severe injuries and blood came from his head as seen in the camera of the club. The managers shared the CCTV footage with the police. The manager of the club called the police at that moment, he was sent to the hospital immediately where he was admitted there for four days.

This incident happened on the 12th of June 2022, on Sunday around 4:30 pm. He was in a severe condition and doctors said that his chances of survival are less but we will try our best. On the other hand, Police have taken that man under custody and been arrested on the basis of section 18 assault & for further enquires. But after four days that man Joshua Hughes’s health conditions got worse and he died on the spot. The doctors said that he got that punch on his heart through which his heart veins weren’t working properly and also he had some severe injuries on his head.

The DCI Jane Webb said that because of this incident that young boy lost his life and he is really sad for him and his family. As he was the young boy who had just come to celebrate his birthday and lost his life. He also asked for the information if anyone who was presented there can tell them about him or the incident. His family is now shocked after his death news and not in a condition to give any statement. We will update you when we get more updates on this news.


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