How To Use Giordano Filter On Tiktok? Trend Viral Over Social Media: TikTok is famous for making videos and it now gives funny and great filters one of the filters is now getting famous on the internet. The filter name is Giordano filter which is somewhere horror and it has scared many people and the reaction of people after using that filter is funny. People want to know about this filter and how to use it. So if you are one of them so you are in a right place we have shared all about this filter and how to use it and what is the people’s reactions after using it. So let’s have a look below. Follow More Updates On

Giordano Filter Tiktok

What Is Giordano TikTok Filter?

The Giordana filter is now getting trending on the Tik-Tok and people are getting millions of like after using this filter as it is funny. This filter is a pictorial effect of an old man who is wearing a blue color hoodie with one eye closed and when the filter is been used on the person this old man comes from behind and it looks real. This filter is now used to prank people and the reaction is hilarious. People want to know how to use this filter so below we have mentioned this also.


This filter too much🤣🤣 #fyp #giordano

♬ Lawsy Hotel – lawsy

How To Use This Giordano Filter?

So, if you want to make videos by using this filter but don’t how to find the filter and use it, there are many ways to use this filter. The first way is you can directly search the name of this filter in the search options and videos of this filter will appear on the screen and you can use that filter and use to bring smiles to others’ faces. The second way is to search the name of the user and below there will be an option to use this filter you will directly come on the filter and make videos.


Legend has it the item is still flying🤣 #girlfriend #boyfriend #funny #couple #prank

♬ Lawsy Hotel – lawsy

Who Bring Giordano TikTok Filter?

This filter’s origin is done by Luca Bellei who is on TikTok by @lucabellei27. On 15th June 2022, this filter was first released by him to scare his grandfather. This filter was like by many and they also stated using this filter to scare their partners. He collaborated with an Italian tik-toker named Aida and bring this filter to life. Luca is also available on other social media platforms like Insta and many others. Stay tuned with us for the latest updates.


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