Recently, another shocking news wrenching many hearts around the world. Gina Marie Krasely has passed away and stunned many people. The celebrity was widely known for the most prominent TLC reality show “My 600lb Life” and she has appeared in the eighth season of the show. Suddenly, the news of her death broke many hearts as she died at her home in New Jersey on Sunday. Not only this but the star is widely known for her weight and many people loving the lively personality that attracts everyone towards her.

TikTok Star Marie Krasley Passed Away

Gina Marie Krasley Cause of Death

If we talk about her age, then she was just 30 years old. The confirmation of her death was announced by her family members. Along with it, her family members also stated that Gina was passionate about dancing and also made up dances with her sister and kids living in neighbor. Not only this, but the American reality show star also started a trend on TikTok named “dancing has no size limit”. Along with it, she also hoped to open a dance studio for children with special needs but she can’t fulfill her dream sadly.

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The cause of death has not come in front clearly but Gina Marie Krasley suffering from a “mystery illness” for some recent months. Along with it, she was also immobile because of the pain in her legs. She also told that she can’t hold her phone on her own as her hands had gone numb.

Gina receiving care and also getting treatment from a neurologist some days before her shocking death. These all are inabilities from Gina Marie was suffering before her death. The confirmed cause of death has not been announced yet.

TikTok & My 600-lb Life Star Marie Krasley Passed Away

Apart from this, Gina Marie was married to wed Beth Krasely in 2016. Let us also tell you that Gina has appeared in the My 600lb Life series, and before this, Gina and her wife living at the same home with the former’s mother.

Apart from this, Gina’s family did not support her and in the reality show, Gina’s mother and sister were filmed blaming Beth for Gina’s increasing weight. Now, Gina Marie Krasley has died and taken her long sleep of peace. Her family members and her wife is mourning her sudden demise. She was just 30 years old and left everyone in this heartbreaking news.


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