The episode begins with Sai is having lunch with Devi and Pulkit meanwhile maid comes to take lunch for Harini but Devi gets upset and says she is my daughter and only I will feed her. No one can stop me to do so as she is my love, my daughter, and will definitely going to have food from me.

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

While Sai gets so stunned seeing her and even gets worried seeing such reactions of Devi, Pulkit tries to make her wife calm and say so only you will ging to feed Harini but first be calm and stay here. Dai uses to leave her lunch and she tries to make Devi understand everything politely. Later when everything is set Sai use to leave from there and she again gets a call from Virat but she keeps on ignoring his calls.

Later when she is out of Pulkkit’s house she gets a call from Virat and one of his employees use to inform her that Virat was on some risky and secret mission and got shot there and we in the hospital with him. Sai gets worried and upset for him. On the other side we will see how Virat gets shot and he falls down on the floor later all the police personal stake him to the hospital in the ambulance and he keeps on fighting but after some time he started to get unconscious.

On the other hand, we will see that Sai is crying and regretting her decision of not picking up Virats call. She uses to blame herself and keep on crying while she prays to god for the recovery of Virat. She is retargeting and says “how can I so rude to him. I must not ignore his calls as he is on a secret mission and even trying to apologize to me. I’m the rudest wife of this world.”

After this, we will see that Virat’s family also gets worried for him. Whereas his mother also cries a lot missing him and praying to God for the fast recovery of his son. She use to get unconscious as this is unacceptable for her. Now the question is will Virat get recovered or lost his life. To watch the full episode you need to set in front of your tv at 8:00 pm.


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