Many football matches have been going on around the world under the popular leagues and many fans are going excited for the matches because it increases their enthusiasm and interest in the teams. Well, the country loves their team and thatswhy they don’t forget to watch a single match of the league and also support their teams in the ground.

GHF vs SHD Live Score

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the audience is not allowed in the stadium and now, fans are staying home to watch this match. Well, today, the team Guangzhou FC (GHF) and team Shandong Taishan (SHD) will face off under the Chinese Super League. Yes, the match will be held under the Chinese Super League and now, the fans are going bananas to watch this.

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In this article, we will provide you every information about the match and what kind of things will be seen in the match as the player, including the time, date, probable lineups players, league, and venue will be shared here so, you don’t need to search here and there to find this normal information.

Along with this, the match will be held under the Chinese Super League so, we can think about the excitement of the fans because this league is one of the popular leagues in the history of football. The league have been coming with lots of matches and again they are back with one more match.

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GHF vs SHD: Match Details

  • Team Name:- Guangzhou FC (GHF) vs Shandong Taishan (SHD)
  • League:- Chinese Super League 2021
  • Venue:- Tianhe Stadium, Guangzhou
  • Date:- Tuesday, July 27, 2021
  • Time:- 05:30 PM IST

GHF vs SHD: Team Squad

Guangzhou FC (GHF):- Gao Zhunyi, A Lan, Jiang Guangtai, Yang Dejiang, Ai Kesen, Yang Liyu, Zheng Zhi, Zhong Yihao, He Chao, Mei Fang, Zhang Xiuwei, Huang Bowen, Tan Kaiyuan, Wei Shihao, Fei Nanduo, Wu Shaocong, Yan Dinghao, Deng Hanwen, Ricardo Goulart, Liao Lisheng,  Luo Guofu, Liu Dianzuo, Zhang Linpeng, and Li Xuepeng.

Shandong Taishan (SHD):- Ji Xiang, Song Long, Jin Jingdao, Liu Yang, Duan Liuyu, Zhang Chi, Tian Xin, Hao Junmin, Wu Xinghan, Son Jun-Ho, Wang Dalei, Shi Ke, Leonardo, Zheng Zheng, Xu Xin, Liu Binbin, Wang Tong, Guo Tianyu, Han Rongze, M. Fellaini, and Pedro Delgado.

GHF vs SHD: Probable Lineups

Guangzhou FC (GHF):- Zhunyi Gao, Tyias Browning, Dianzuo Liu, Linpeng Zhang, Shihao Wei, Hanwen Deng, Ricardo Goulart, Elkesen, Dinghao Yan, Xiuwei Zhang, and Liao Lisheng.

Shandong Taishan (SHD):- Xiang Ji, Marouane Fellaini, Liuyu Duan, Yang Liu, Dalei Wang, Ke Shi, Zheng Zheng, Binbin Liu, Pedro Delgado, Jun-Ho Son, and Xin Xu.

GHF vs SHD: Match Prediction

Both teams have played many matches in the league and now, they are going to play their next match. So, team GHF is standing on the 3rd position with 15 points in their hand. They have played well in their last performance and won 3 matches out of the last five matches.

On the other side, team SHD is standing in the first position with 18 points in their hand. They performed well in their last five matches and won 3 matches out of five matches. We can say that team GHF has more chances to win this match because they have some more amazing players in the team according to a rival team.


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