In this blog, we are talking about the “Ishq Mein Marjawan”.Today the show starts  Riddhima tries to know and enquire with Ragini. After all, investigating the Vansh family she fails to et the correct answer. She noticing them to hiding the secret. She won’t know about the secret if they really killed his ex-husband. She never believes that he doing illegal business and he is a cold blood murderer. She thinks if Kabir wanted to expose Vansh’s murder crimes as well. She thinks if Kabir wanted to expose Vansh’s murder crimes as well.

Ishq Mein Marjawan written episode

He linked all the points and get noticed that Vansh actually killed Ragini and just to satisfy his ego he uses his approach. She has to find a way through which she informs Kabir. He fails to call her when Ishaani comes between in plan limitations. Riddhima gets worried when Ishani says to face Vansh. Riddhima makes an excuse but Vansh has doubts on this excuse. He says to Ishaani to respect Riddhima. He said to his sister to keep on eye on Riddhima Since her response is really getting strange. Riddhima doesn’t give up.

He finds the Ishaani to spinning. He gets the idea to tell about the Kabir. He pretends that she is writing a story but she didn’t and seeks Siya’s help. Siya gives her phone to Riddhima. Riddhima gives the clue in the text message to Kabir. Kabir received the message and feels that he has to tells him about the Vansh crimes. He doesn’t get late to know the code of the message. Ridhima has accepted that they search about the message clue and go to meet her. Kabir knows that she has taken a big risk to meet them and text him and prepare for the meeting.

He says to Mishra, that he want to meet with Riddhima in any condition, he also takes the risk of his life, whoever waiting for her. Kabir getting sad because he realizes that because of him, his life in danger. Riddhima knows that if Vansh gets angry so he will kill or hit anybody. she became strong and want to play well. Ishani snatches the Riddhima phone to know from which phone she sends the message. She searches the poetry but she didn’t like it. He updates Vansh about the new team which is a poetry site. Vansh doubt on her. For more written updating news be tuned with us.



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