Sneakers for men and women are no longer limited to the gym or a training session. They have become one of the trendiest style statements to complement and adorn any outfit, be it casual everyday wear, a sporty event or a happening luxurious party. Designers are playing with sneakers to form an inevitable part of their designing regime and to complete the look that is chic, comfortable and glamorous, all at the same time.

However, when we say that sneakers can be carried off on any occasion, we need to understand that not all sneakers can work anywhere and everywhere. You have to have the eye to sieve and select the right pair and design for the right occasion. Here is how you can segregate your sneaker collection to fit the right event and get eyes rolling to admire your personality and look.

Different Types of Sneakers
Basic/Casual Sneakers

These come in canvas and basic colours mostly. Sometimes you may find a few options in leather as well. Overall, they are affordable, easy to maintain, get matched with almost anything and everything you wear casually, and make for nice daily office-wear casual shoes. You can team these with slim skinny chinos or pieces of denim for casual street occasions and are best suited for the younger lot.

Refined Luxury Sneakers

They might look like your basic plimsolls but are more expensive as they are made in leather and suede mainly. They can be teamed with nice designer wear for a happening lounge party or a formal dinner out. The best way to team them is by dressing up well in smart shirts and polos and matching black sneakers with them or going in for brighter-coloured sneakers, especially for the summers or European holidays.

Classic Sports Sneakers

Be it Reebok pump, Nike Air Max, or any other brand of comfortable sporty greatness- make for a perfect choice for the tracks and the fields and can boost your confidence and sporting spirit when you wear them with your casual sporty attire. They can be carried off well with khaki chinos as well.

Modern Sports Sneakers

A more refined range with modern styling and shapes makes for this range of sneakers that can be carried off well with a classic look for a daytime lunch or a late-night entourage.

High fashion Sneakers

Designers love to play on these, and brands like Gucci, Givenchy, Diemme etc., present a wide range of these for the younger gen to flaunt their fashion statement and make them look extremely stylish and up and about with the latest shoe trends in the fashion world. They are loud and bold, primarily designed to be noticed.

Hiking/Trail Sneakers

As the name suggests, these sneakers are mainly meant for technical activities but are forming a part of mainstream fashion these days.

Basic Sneaker Rules

Sneakers for men form part of the wardrobe of every age group of men. However, if you love to wear sneakers, you need to know how to maintain them and look good in them. Here are some basic rules you should follow if you have these in your dressing ensemble.

Always buy sneakers that go well with your current wardrobe. Never get carried away to buy something in-trend and fashionable but requires you to repurchase your entire wardrobe.

Wear them for the right occasion, even though they are quite versatile they cannot be substituted for dress shoes. Wearing sneakers with off-duty outfits, unstructured suits, and even casual wear is fine, but you cannot carry them off with wedding attire.

\Keep your sneakers spic and span. No matter how cool, attractive, trendy and stylish your sneakers maybe, if they are dirty and unkempt, they lose their charm and effect. You should wash the laces, eliminate odours, use shoe shields and brush the soles to keep them in good condition.

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Wrap Up

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