As everyone knows, TikTok is a very famous and prominent platform where millions of people make their accounts to show their talent with the help of lots of filters. During the long Lockdown, TikTok entertains lots of people and give many fabulous videos in which many people got very huge fame. TikTok also helps in maintaining a small business in lockdown and also many people earn from TikTok during the pandemic situation. So, TikTok just launched its new rewind feature and also launched a very fancy 2021 badge that loved by many people who got it. Here you will get the step-by-step guide to unlocking the badge of 2021.

tiktok badge

The new feature of rewind is similar to Spotify Wrapped and Instagram Top 9 trend. In the end, TikTok thinks about showing the ‘Year On TikTok’ with most viewed videos, most played songs, and all other important stats. The new trend on TikTok looking interesting and now the badge that launched by TikTok is very interesting that loved by many people. Many people are want to get the 2021 TikTok Badge with their profile picture. All the videos, songs, and other features of the last 365 days showing in the Year On TikTok. Here the steps on how to unlock TikTok’s 2021 Badge to add your profile.

If you want to unlock the 2021 badge of TikTok then you just need to share your video on the Years On TikTok video concept. Once your video generated and uploaded on your profile then you will get access to the 2021 badge that you can very easily add to your profile picture. To get your Year on TikTok video, you need to go to the Discover page, tap on the ‘Year on Tikkok’ banner and then tap on ‘Get Started’. Once you have scrolled, tap on ‘Post On TikTok’ to unlock the badge.

After that, you will very easily get the 2021 badge that you can add to your profile picture.

1) Find another user who has a badge. You can do this by searching the hashtag #2021Badge.

2) Go to their profile and tap the badge on their profile picture.

3) Tap on ‘Get Your Badge’ and it should appear on your profile picture. (This will only be visible if you have posted your Year on TikTok video.)

So, it is the only way to get the 2021 TikTok Badge for your profile picture. You need to share your Year On TikTok and need to upload it on your profile to show your entire activity on TikTok in just one video. So, if you want to know more updates about current affairs then stay tuned with us.


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