Horrific news is covering the space of social media and many people are excitedly searching for the details of the incident. According to the Internet, a pastor and his wife have been arrested for reportedly imprisoning people against their will after at least eight disabled people were found in the basement.

Georgia Pastor and Wife Arrested

They all were found behind a door when medics climbed by taking support of the window to reach one person who was suffering a seizure.

Why Was Georgia Pastor and Wife Arrested?

The pastor and his wife have been identified as Curtis Keith Bankston who is 55-years-old and his wife, Sophia Simma-Bankston who is 56-years-old of Griffin. They were arrested for false imprisonment after the authorities found eight people who were suffering from mental or physical disabilities.

They were all locked behind the door in the basement and all those were between 25 and 65. After their arrest, Curtis claimed that this is One Step of Faith 2nd Chance – their unlicensed group home – was holding people against their wills and they were free to come and go as they please”.

According to the authorities, the caretakers have been leasing that property for roughly 14 months and using the basement of the property for taking care of the individuals, which was imprisoned them against their confer.

Griffin is located about 40 miles south of Atlanta and the police reported that they found a deadbolt on the door of the basement which was mostly used for locking the patients at some time of the day.

The authorities found the door closed when arrived at Valley Road to assist a patient, who had suffered a seizure and said that to reach the patient, they will have to access the climbing through the window to reach the patient.

Later, the Fire Department and EMS called the police to tell them about their discoveries. Along with this, police also claimed that the couple controlled the finances and public benefits of the patients but they never got proper medications and medical care.

On Thursday, the pastor also held a press conference in his house just after his wife was arrested. He denies the claims with his lawyer Dexter Wimbish. He said,” At no time was anybody held against their will.

There was no kidnapping”. It is not clear when was he released after being arrested on January 13, 2022. The lawyer did confirm that the door of the basement was locked every day at 8 PM but also claimed that it did because of safety measures.


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