George Kruis Conversion Video Shows Backheel Conversation Against England: George Kruis who was the former England rugby union player has spoken about something exacerbating for Eddie Jones but in a quiet friendly way. His bitter statement came for Eddie Jones after the Barbarians at the Twickenham, ruled over the scores against England. George Kruis talked about his final match of rugby, he said in a statement that in rugby there are rules of kicking and those are the duties of the players. George Kruis’s statement has been getting enormous attention from the entire world. Follow More Updates On

George Kruis Conversion Video

George Kruis Conversion Video

Reacting to the circumstances, the former player of the Australian rugby team and the current coach of the Australian rugby union Eddie Jones, said in a press conference that it was the choice of the England team. He also expressed one of his experiences that once his team was defeated in a very bad manner, and every player was broken after the defeat, this incident reminds every team to be prepared when there is a match scheduled with Australia’s rugby team.

Eddie Jones told that the results are not satisfactory for anyone, but we all need to put some light on the matter that what must be done instead of what is already done. Eddie also informed through the conference that they are going to create a new team of players, who will play the game in a totally different method, and that will be the method that will be suitable for every player.

These changes will also bring some ups and downs with them, in addition to the new changes. He is not confirmed about the games that he played a common England rugby game or not but the scores were always great. But only obtaining great scores is not everything a team needs, the team he is going to develop further will be working on the different factors as well.
According to Eddie Jone, the team could not perform the way it could, and the team needs some extension.

The rugby competition took place on the 19th of June at the stadium Twickenham. The match was organized in the United Kingdom. The team of the French rugby players won the match against England with an enormous score of 52-51. But the defeat of England’s rugby team has put a negative impact on their next tour to Australia. George Edward John Kruis also knowns as George Kruis was born in Guildford, Surrey of England, on the 22nd of February. He is one of the most popular among England’s former Professional rugby union players.


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