Genshin Impact Al Haitham Weapon Details Explained: According to the reports, Al Haitham is going to be the new character of the Sumeru, who will be featuring in the future with the 3.0 banner updates. Some of the information about Al Haitham got leaked by the Twitter user hxg_diluc on the social media platform Twitter. According to the Twitter account hxg_diluc, Al Haitham will be seen in the game, which will be in the form of the previous relationship with Geo Archon, Zhonglu. Al Haitham will be presented as a Sumerian and will be having the Dendro vision. Follow More Updates On

Genshin Impact Al Haitham

Genshin Impact Al Haitham

There are also reports, that Tighnari, Dori, and Collei will also be a part of the 3.0 banner, which makes it clear that Al Haitham will be dropped in the future banner after all the other characters will be gone.

Recently, some pieces of information got leaked about Genshin Impact’s character Al Haitham, who comes from the newest lands. Al Haitham will be another one who would be using the Dendro. Al Haitham will be playing the most important role in the series than anyone else. He will be named “Su Expy,” for his appearance. There will be seen great impact of Honkai on Al Haitham. The reports suggest, that Al Haitham will be looking a bit younger than his age, and his emotions will be depending on the words of Zhongli. There are also reports, that Al Haitham may be named after lb al-Haytham, who was a famous mathematician and astronomer from Egypt.

Genshin Impact Al Haitham Weapon

Al Haitham will have the vision of Dendro, and not only him, but all the new characters of the game, will be having the vision of Dendro. This will be because the region will be famed for all the users of Dendro, as it is there in Inazuma with Electro Visions.

Currently, there is no information available about the kind of weapons that Al Haitham will be using. According to some of the fans of the game, Al Haitham may also use the weapon Polearm or Claymore, and it can also be a Sword.

As there are always two skills in all the characters of Genshin Impact, so for sure Al Haitham will also be having two interesting and alluring skills.

Most the fans of Sumeru 3.0 are expecting updates from the authorities of the series.

The above-mentioned details are just speculations being spread in the media, and there is no official confirmation about any of the details. There is not much information or speculation out in the media, but whatever pieces of information have been out are presented above in this article mentioned above.


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