What Happened To Gemma Oaten? Illness and Health Condition Update!: Gemma Oaten, the Hollywood actress is in trend for a few days not for her forthcoming film or performance, but for her disease. Although, one of the recent interviews with Gemma Oaten is going viral on all social media platforms. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Gemma Oaten

Who Is Gemma Oaten?

Gemma Oaten is an actress from England. She was born on the 8th of May in 1984. Gemma Oaten was born in Kingston upon Hull, England. She is the daughter of Marg and Dennis Oaten. Gemma Oaten did her studies in London. However, there is not much information available about the personal life of the girl on the internet about the actress but along with being an actress, Gemma Oaten is also a philanthropist. She has been a manager of the eating disorder charity Seed.

What did Gemma Oaten say in the recent interview about her disease?

In one of the recent interviews of Gemma Oaten with ITV’s Lorraine, the actress shared that she had almost died of food poisoning, and just two months ago her calcium level had reached horrifically high, and it would have taken some time to be dangerously high.

Gemma Oaten said in the interview that she was not feeling well for some time. She had got lots of pressure because of the disease. Gemma Oaten had to go through so much stress and anxiety. The actress was diagnosed with Hypercalcemia a few months ago. Gemma Oaten also told the media that she suffered from the disease after she was treated for COVID. Well, all the fans of Gemma Oaten have wished the actress for her good health.

Gemma Oaten Illness Explained

Gemma Oaten has given a lot of films to Hollywood, but some of her films have broken the records to be watched by the most number of people. Gemma Oaten is best known for her character in the Breckle in Emmerdale as Rachel. She started her debut as an actress by playing the role of Sam Doyle in two episodes of the BBC soap opera Doctors. After the gap of six months after playing the role of Sam Doyle in two episodes of Doctors, Gemma Oaten was seen in ITV soap opera Emmerdale as the character of Rachel Breckle, and she left the show in January 2014. She had joined the show again but had left the show the same year she joined. Other than working in Emmerdale, Gemma Oaten has been working in different movies.


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