Earlier, Actress Gehna Vasistha has been arrested under the allegation of involving in the Adult video racket. She was arrested by the Crime Branch Investigation Bureau of India. Crime Branch told the reason behind this case. They told that the actress found shooting the adult video. Now the statements are issued by her team regarding this matter. Her team is denying that she involved in any activity like this. The remaining details are there but to know the information you need to available her till the end.Gehana Vasisth Arrested In Mumbai For Shooting & Uploading Adult Videos

Jewel’s team said in a statement that “She has suffered a heart attack four times in a year. She has asthma and her health is very critical. The Mumbai Police should deal with them on humanitarian grounds. Vasistha is not a criminal. She has not done any pornography work. The state should not interfere with the creative and artistic expression of an artist or director.”

The information regarding this case is not yet finished and to know the whole statement you need to move on to the next statement which was released by her team. gehna Vasistha’s team continously trying to convence police that she is innocent but crime Branch and Police not blieving in their statemnets and now they finding other evidences related to this case. Mumbai Police statement is still pending to highlight other keypoint about this Gehna Vasistha Case.

Along with it, her teammates told about her previous health condition that she faced such a dangerous critical health condition in November 2019. She suffered from a 500 sugar level and it was 600 when she was arrested by Crime Branch. Her personal doctor suggested that she need to be admitted to a hospital immediately. Gehna team said they have full faith in the judiciary of India and law & order.

If you don’t so about her so we want to tell you that she is the only popular face of ‘Gandi Baat’ Alt Balaji Web Series. Crime Branch allegedly claims that she has a connection with adult videos related to shooting and uploading them on the mobile apps and websites. Currently, Mumbai Police investigating the other celebrity’s connection to this case. So far we get only these details but don’t worry we continuously searching for other update and when we get another reports we will inform you here.


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