Spanish Liga ACB Basketball tournament going to organise fresh match and it will be played between GC vs AND. This match set to start at 01:15 AM at night on Sunday, November 22, 2020. This upcoming match will be a perfect gift for the basketball fans which definitely entertain every basketball lover due to the competitive nature of players. Let’s reveal more about this match and discuss the probable line-ups of this match.

ACB Basketball League

GC vs AND Live Score

  • Date: Sunday, November 22, 2020
  • Time: 01:15 AM IST
  • Venue: Spanish Liga ACB, Gran Canaria Arena.

GC vs AND – Probable Lineups

Herbalife Gran Canaria: Franco Ferrari, Tomas Dimsa, Stan Okoye, Matthew Costello, Jacob Wiley

MoraBanc Andorra: Clevin Hannah, Sergi García, Jeremy Senglin, Oriol Paulí, Tyson Perez.

Top Picks GC vs AND

GC (Herbalife Gran Canaria)

  • Franco Ferrari
  • Tomas Dimsa
  • Stan Okoye

AND (MoraBanc Andorra)

  • Clevin Hannah
  • Sergi García
  • Jeremy Senglin

GC vs AND – Team Squad

Herbalife Gran Canaria (GC): Stan Okoye, Tomas Dimsa, Matthew Costello, Jacob Wiley, John Shurna, Andrew Albicy, Franco Ferrari, Javier Beirán, Beka Burjanadze, Diop, Khalifa A,, Fabio Santana, Aleksander Balcerowski, Jean Montero, Ruben Lopez De La Torre

MoraBanc Andorra (AND): Jeremy Senglin, Tyson Perez, Haukur Palsson, Tomasz Gielo, Bandja Sy, David Jelinek, Clevin Hannah, Moussa Diagne, Babatunde Edward Olumuyiwa, Oriol Paulí, Nacho Llovet, Sergi García, Pape Malick Dime, Guillem Colom, Alex Peral Serra, Albert Pons Ibañez.

Winner Prediction GC vs AND

The winning prediction is here and we are going to unveil the upcoming winner of tonight’s match. So on the basis of the point table MoraBanc Andorra has more chances of winning due to the good performance than Gran Canaria. The winning ratio of MoraBanc Andorra (AND) continuously maintains its steady winning continuity. (AND) has played total 7 matches and won 3 matches out of it on the other side (GC) played 10 matches and they won only 2 matches. To know the leading winner of this upcoming match you need to watch the live score of this match.


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