Who is the Zodiac killer Gary Francis Poste? The zodiac killer name has been finally identified by the police investigators who were working on this case from very long time. The 1960s zodiac killer has been idenitified as the Gary F Poste. He is the guy who terrorized the poeople from the killings and murders. He was never caught by the authority. It took many years for the investigors to find the clue of the mastermind and suspect in this case. Gary F Poste is the name identified as the high profile zodiac killer case.

gary f poste

Gary Francis Poste is Dead

The criminal passed away in 2018. Investigation team reached to conclusion after the evidences found against him. This is the latest claim which made by the Police. A special team was made in this case known as the Case Breakers. It contained the top law enforcements and officers. Gary is the guy who was assoiciated with the 1960s serial killing and murder.

The killer is not alive. He passed away in 2018. He was also once shot by the Police. The picture of the killer is also circulating on web and users are sharing it on social media. The killer sketch is available in public media. The specialists law team revealed his face and identity finally.

Gary F Poste Zodiac Killer

Gary F Poste is the trending name which is linked into the case of Zodiac killer killings and murder. He was never caught because he used method of codes and hidden messages. After the years of investigation of special former law team, the suspect of the case has been identified.

The 2007 Zodiac film was based on the true events and story of this case. The users are comparing the sketch pictures with other photos in which face looks similar. The other details of the case are yet to come.

Why this is a high profile case and trending on social media? Because the mastermind behind the killings was never caught by the police. He left no clues behind the crime scene.

The various theories have been evolved after the photo of Gary F Poste shared on web. Many are said to be fake thoeries. Because these are just speculations and have no basis.

The family, life and past records of Gary Poste is not known. Was Gary professional or serial killer? The investigations are still on and may soon come to an end after conclusion.


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