The most famous action actor John Abraham is all set to appear again with the exceptional thriller story of Mumbai Saga. Where he going to perform the role of a gangster. In this film, he will play the character Gangster Amartya Rao. So besides the film here we going to talk about the character Amartya Rao. Is the character exist in real life or not? The film Mumbai Saga is set to be premiered on March 19th, 2021. Mumbai Saga is the direction of Sanjay Gupta. Let’s see why Gangster Amartya Rao is on trending over the internet.

John Abhrahm

Gangster Amartya Rao Wiki Bio

The upcoming film Mumbai Saga is all about the period of 1980s to 1990s when Gangster Amartya Rao ruled over the Mumbai streets. He was born in Mumbai chawls which is the slum area of the biggest metro city of the country.

As per the information, Amartya Rao is associated with the Mumbai Don Chota Rajan. He became the right hand of the Don after murdering several tycoons and business magnets on the command of Chota Rajan. Apart from it, Amartya known for his robbery tactics link with the Hawala network as well as the deadly criminal record also.

After several years Mumbai Police issued the encounter notice for Amartya Rao but with a sharp mind, he pretends like he is dead. Along with the Mumbai police, the biggest gangster Dawood Ibrahim is also started chasing Amartya to kill him but to save himself Amarya decided to stay in Jail. However, Amartya also faced death very closely when he got seven bullets pierced through his body. Amartya Planned to enter politics but he avoids it.

According to reports, the upcoming film Mumbai Saga will not feature the exact life of the DK Rao but you will enjoy some of the special moments of his life. Because the story is based on DK Rao’s life and due to the focus character it is necessary for the director to put some actual incidents related to DK Rao Gangster’s life.

The teaser of Mumbai Saga aired already on YouTube earlier this week. According to the hike of the teaser, it is confirmed that the movie going to beat the previous Box office collection. You should watch the movie if you love to watch gangster stories filled the unbelievable action fights.


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