The recently happened incident where the mother of a Youtuber was missing after the road trip with her boyfriend getting heat in the news media. Just an hour later there is another update comes to our knowledge. As per the latest update, in this case, Gabby Petito’s mother is facing this problem and is depressed because her daughter is missing for days. To get the updates regarding her daughter she contacted the family of Gabby Petitio’s boyfriend.

mom of missing

The behave of Brian Laundrie’s family was shocking for her when she contacted the family and asked about any update related to her daughter. The family of Brian Laundrie has ignored her messages while she was desperately wanted to contact her. She has contacted Brian Laundrie as well to get any updates about her daughter.

Mom of Missing Woman Accuses Brian Laundrie of Ignoring 

We tried to get the statement of Gabby Petito’s mother. So we get a statement on the internet where she said “I texted Brian’s mom that I was trying to get in touch with Gabby. I also texted Brian. I got no replies. I knew something was wrong. I felt something was off and I needed to get her reported missing immediately.”. Along with it, she said that she talked to her daughter last on August 25, 2021. The missing report has take placed on September 11, 2021.

Her mother also informed that there is only Brian Laundrie’s sister who spoke to investigators regarding this matter. Except for her, no one comes to talk with investigators. Currently, Gabby Petito’s mother is suffering from heartbreak. No one can understand her pain and relief her.

She also said that “I think they kind of put that on hold just because they felt it was a little fast. They were excited at first, but then they were like, let’s just wait, we’re very young. So they were really just boyfriend and girlfriend,”. Unfortunately, there is no such update comes from the investigation team. Except all this, she is worrying because she even getting a small sign about her daughter is alive or not. When we get any updates related to this news, we will add the information here.


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