Again, the most typical case came into the headlines as a fight broke out near Brian Laundrie’s home between neighbor and protesters. The video of the fight between them went viral on social media and is available on several websites. Everyone knows that Brian Laundrie comes into the headlines when Gabby Petito missing after a road trip with him. The complete incident that happened with Gabby Petito is already widely famous among millions and everyone looking forward to knowing the truth. Gabby and Brian were on a road trip on 11th September but when Gabby’s parents trying to talk her through calls and messages, she can’t replying them.

Brian Laundrie who was a boyfriend of Gabby Petito

When two days pass out and Gabby has never come back home, her parents registered a missing case. After that, the police start their investigation and continuously tried a lot to talk with Brian Laundrie and his family. But, Brian and his family did not talk with the police except his sister. They all remain quiet in this matter and did not tell any information about what happened to Gabby. On 19th September 2021, the police found a dead body of Gabby in a remote area in northwestern Wyoming. After that, the missing case becomes a homicide and some situations take more typical turns.

Yes, Brian Laundrie who was a boyfriend of Gabby Petito has been absconding since the day when the police found her dead body. He is still absconding and the police search to catch him. In this case, he is the main suspect to kill Gabby but the reasons to do this will not come in front till Brian’s arrest. Currently, a minor incident takes place near Brian Laundry’s house, when a couple of protest outside Laundry’s family home and a neighbor in a red shirt starts yelling at them, accusing the couple of stepping out of their property.

Now, the incident that breaks out near the house of Brian Laundrie is covered by several reports as there are many reporters reporting the entire incident. The video of the complete moment has been also recorded by the reports who are available at the place. There is no update on Brian Laundrie’s whereabouts but we will update all the information when we get any report on this topic. This topic has become a very big incident as several people from every corner of the world are searching for the truth behind the murder of Gabby Petito. So, stay connected with us to get all the updates on time.


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