Here are lots of wonder leagues to entertain the audience of the world. Maybe, the German Basketball League is not going to stop to entertain the once at night because the league is coming with back-to-back matches for the fans. Tonight, the league will introduce two teams on the tonight match.

fsl vs ber live

According to the scheduled time, team Frankfurt Skyliners (FSL) and team Alba Berlin (BER) are all set to face each other on the basketball court. Here are some more important details of the match. Let’s take this match more interesting.

If you are excited for the match and getting ready to watch this fantastic match so, you can visit the arena to watch this match because it is about to start in just a few hours. Fans can buy the tickets from the official website of the league.

You can also buy the ticket from the official website of the teams as well. Here are some more important details. Also, fans can create their own team in the Dream11 app to win a big amount. Along with this, here are some more details such as time, date, venue, league, lineups and many more details.

FSL vs BER: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Frankfurt Skyliners (FSL) vs Alba Berlin (BER)
  • League:- German Basketball League
  • Venue:- Fraport Arena
  • Date:- Tuesday, February 15, 2022
  • Time:- 11:30 PM IST

FSL vs BER: Team Squad

Frankfurt Skyliners (FSL):- Brancou Badio, Rasheed Moore, Alexander Richardson, Matt Haarms, Lorenz Brenneke, Len Schoormann, Felix Hecker, Donovan Donaldson, Jordan Samare, Jamel Mclean, Leon Pullen, Richard Freudenberg, Brooks DeBisschop, Quantez Robertson, Alvin Onyia, Will Cherry, Matthew Meredith, Bruno Vrcic, Konstantine Schubert, and Lukas Wank

Alba Berlin (BER):- Christoph Tilly, Jonas Mattisseck, Tamir Blatt, Malte Delow, Tim Schneider, Luke Sikma, Kresimir Nikic, Christ Koumadje, Maodo Lo, Louis Olinde, Jaleen Smith, Johannes Thiemann, Marcus Eriksson, Yovel Zoosman, Oscar Da Silva, and Ben Lammers.

FSL vs BER: Lineups Players

Frankfurt Skyliners (FSL):- Brancou Badio, Alexander Richardson, Matt Haarms, Quantez Robertson, Lukas Wank, Rasheed Moore, Lorenz Brenneke, and Len Schoormann.

Alba Berlin (BER):- Ben Lammers, Marcus Eriksson, Yovel Zoosman, Maodo Lo, Louis Olinde, Oscar Da Silva, Jaleen Smith, and Johannes Thiemann.

FSL vs BER: Match Prediction

Now, the battle is about to begin in just a few hours and fans are too excited to watch this match. According to the reports, team BER us standing on the 5th spot with 13 victories and their last few performances was good.

On the other side, team FSL is standing on the 15th spot with 5 victories out of 19 matches where they lost 14 matches. According to the sources, team BER has more chances to win this upcoming match tonight.


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