International Money Transfer has seen a boom due to globalised economic independence. Money transfer has not only made an emotional connection amongst families but also held grave importance in increasing the GDP of a nation. All these positives add to the charm of international remittance. But what if this charm is doubled with exclusive offers from remittance companies that would make you lucky winners of something huge?
ACE Money Transfer and Habib Bank Limited have collaborated to make that possibility come to reality through their fantastic offer for Pakistani expatriates. Keep reading to know what you can win when you send money to Pakistan from different countries.

ACE and HBL Collaborative Offer

ACE and HBL have collaborated to bring you a chance to meet your loved ones in Pakistan for free. The offer stands for customers of HBL and ACE Money Transfer as it requires Pakistani expatriates to send money to Pakistan online from the UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, Poland, and several other regions. Entry in this offer is valid till the 15th of March 2022.

All you need to do for this exclusive offer is a money transfer to Pakistan. Simply use ACE Money Transfer’s service to send money to Pakistan from anywhere around the world and transact it through HBL. The beneficiaries can receive or transact money from any of the 1650 plus branches of HBL in Pakistan.

International Money Transfer

Remittances possess greater importance than just transferring money to your loved ones and Pakistani expatriates are no different in this regard. But what if sending money to Pakistan becomes an exciting effort for the receiver and the sender? ACE and HBL bring you that excitement with their offer to win a free return to Pakistan. ACE Money Transfer is your easy, reliable and fastest source of international money transfer, which also provides its customers with the lowest rates for remittance.

Win One of Ten Free Tickets to Pakistan

ACE and HBL present the exclusive offer. All you need to do is follow a few steps in order to become eligible for this opportunity. Simply use ACE’s services to transfer money to Pakistan online and receive or transact it through any branch of HBL in Pakistan.
The primary concerns for entering the offer are only two:
1- Money Transfer to Pakistan through ACE
2- Receive or Transact through HBL in Pakistan.
These simple and easy steps will get you a flight straight to your loved ones where you can enjoy and cherish their company.

Lucky Draw Dates

The offer by ACE and HBL starts from 1st February 2022 till 15th March 2022. The lucky draw will be conducted each week. A total of six announcements will be made and will be addressed on the following dates:
⦁ 7th February 2022
⦁ 14th February 2022
⦁ 21st February 2022
⦁ 28th February 2022
⦁ 7th March 2022
⦁ 16th March 2022

Not just one winner
The generosity by which ACE gives out gifts to its customers has always been commendable. That is the reason why ACE and HBL have exceeded in rewarding the customers once again. The two partners are not just selecting one winner for their lucky draw, but a total of ten winners will be chosen for this exclusive offer.

Ten lucky winners will be chosen through an unbiased lucky draw conducted each week after the commencement of the exclusive opportunity. So don’t just sit back and start making your way towards your loved ones.

How Will the Winners Be Announced?

Winners will be announced each week. Following order will be followed when the winners will be announced starting from 7th February 2022:
⦁ First Draw – 1 Winner
⦁ Second Draw – 1 Winner
⦁ Third Draw – 2 Winners
⦁ Fourth Draw – 2 Winners
⦁ Fifth Draw – 2 Winners
⦁ Last Draw – 2 Winners

Don’t worry! You don’t have to share your prize.

The prize only makes the expatriate or the money sender eligible for this exclusive offer as they are the ones who try their best to have a certain connection with their families in Pakistan. They either envelop the way through daily phone calls or send money to Pakistan online to relieve their family obligations. It is a way for them to connect to the family.

So, the exclusive offer is for the hardworking Pakistani expatriates residing outside the country. ACE’s efforts for them will always prosper to show appreciation, love, and devotion for them and their families.

Important Points to Remember

A few points that need to be kept in mind for this amazing offer are a part of the terms and conditions for this opportunity. These are as follows:
⦁ All customers of ACE and HBL are eligible for this offer.
⦁ All remittances sent via ACE Money Transfer to any branch of HBL in Pakistan make you qualified.
⦁ Multiple entries are accepted. This will be considered a plus point for the candidate and bring them close to winning.
⦁ Transaction made during the promotional period will automatically qualify for this offer. But the transaction and transfers made after the given period will not be qualified for this offer.
⦁ A total of 10 winners will be selected. Each winner will receive one return ticket to Pakistan.
For additional information, contact ACE Money Transfer or click the link below and visit our website:


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