One of the most popular days, which is celebrated in the USA, it is known as Veterans Day, which is all about Army and it is a kind of proudful moment for the citizens of America, the day is originally known as Armistice Day, on 11th of Nov it takes place for honoring military veterans, that also shows the end of the world war, remembrance day. Today we will know about the history of why is it celebrated and how it will enhance your knowledge. So let’s go forward to discover more.


We inform you that first world war whom? The great war? Known as, when the treaty of Versailles was officially signed in the Palace of Versailles on 28 June 1919, France was outside the city. But, after the ceasefire or temporary cessation of war between your friends and Germany, the war began on the eleventh day seven months ago. For this reason, 11 November 1918 was often observed as the ‘end of all wars’.

Let us tell you that on Veterans Day, many firms and corporations are offering many freebies and discounts for veterans and active-duty members of the military. The exemption that many people need to show you a military ID. We should feel proud to have an army in any country because this serves their life and sacrifice their family and themselves.

This year, the National Museum of the US Army will be opened from 9 Am to 5 Pm and this museum is located in Fairfax country, Virginia. It is a joint project of the army and profit army. If you want to visit the museum you will have to buy tickets. Which will be sold for opening day. You can reserve your tickets by online booking.

Now, you can also find quotes and wallpapers about this day and you can proudly share these quotes and wallpapers on your social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. you can also show respect for army veterans and aware people to appreciate the army.


Veterans day

Veterans day

Veterans day



Veterans day


The willingness of America’s veterans to sacrifice for our country has earned them our lasting gratitude.

My heroes are those who risk their lives every day to protect our world and make it a better place—police, firefighters, and members of our armed forces.

Let us remember all the sacrifices made by our military so that we could have a safer life. No amount of appreciation will be sufficient enough to honor them. Let us just pray for them and their families. Have a Happy Veteran’s Day.

They fought for the country They gave their life, Take a moment to remember them For all their strive Salute to them, Happy Veterans Day!

Better than honor and glory, and History’s iron pen, Was the thought of duty done and the love of his fellow-men.


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