What Happened To Fred Mangione? Murder Story Explained: Once there was a time when gays or homosexual persons have to suffer a lot in the United States and there were uncountable victims who were supporting the LGBT in 1990. Among thousands of victims of hate crimes against LGBT, there was a one-man who was also a supporter of LGBT as he was a guy and that man’s name was Fred Mangione. After almost 25 years of his death, people are once again unfolding the pages of his death cause and death news. And this article is being written by us to make you informed about what happened to Fred Mangione in 1990 and who killed him and what was the reason for his murder. These questions will be answered in the following divisions of this article. Have a look below. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Fred Mangione

What Happened To Fred Mangione?

Fred Mangione was a gay male who was macabrely murdered under the circumstances that displayed homophobia was a prime motivator in Texas. Fred Mangione was a jovial man and he treated everyone as though they were his brother or friend. But his genuine nature or preferred $ex led him to leave the planet before his natural death. According to the source, Fred Mangione was killed by stabbed numerous times. Yes, the official cause of death of Fred Mangione was stabbing. According to the source, two men stabbed him 35 times outside a gay bar in his van.

Fred Mangione Murder Story

Fred Mangione died at the age of 46 years. Meanwhile, the police arrested the accused and asked him why did he stab him to death. Then the perpetrator told the police that they found Fred Mangione and his friend in the Houston suburb and they were having $ex. Meanwhile, the other witness said that two were discussing striking gays ahead of time. Keep reading to get more about Fred Mangione.

Fred Mangione was stabbed to death around 1:30 AM outside a gay bar in Harris County. The Harris County officer also saw two perpetrators fleeing the scene with blood stains on their clothes. This information was informed to the police by the bar. By the time of 1996, the number of victims of hate crimes against LGBT had been raised to 11039 and Fred Mangione was one of those victims who lost their life. The culprits who killed and stabbed Fred Mangione were of the German Peace Corps. Stay tuned to this page.


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