Frankston Stabbing Video: Girl, 11, Shock Footage Of Child Stabbing Attack: A video of an 11-year-old girl is being viral on social media. It can be seen in the video, that the girl is being beaten and continuously got stabbed in her stomach at Australia’s Frankston. On Thursday night, the girl was seen to be beaten and sustainably stabbed near Frankston Shopping Center’s Gallery Lane in Australia. Follow For More Updates

Frankston Stabbing Video

Frankston Stabbing Video

As it is seen in the viral video, the girl was standing in a dark lane, she was continuously being teased and mistreated by the other two children. The girl remains silent over everything that happened, but later a kid attacks her face with a knife. The girl then stands by the support of the wall. The other two children seen in the video can be heard telling the girl, that the next time she will die, and they also told the girl to not talk about anything.

In a viral clip of the three children, including the girl who got beaten and struck, it can be seen, that the other children hit the girl with a sharp object on her face multiple times. The kids try to attack the girl again, and the girl falls to the floor after she got harshly injured. The girl is seen to be bleeding, but the other two children kick her, and they also make some fizzy sounds.

The male kid also used some racist words to the girl, he said addressing the girl, that she could walk everywhere wearing the underwear. And the girl used the “bitch” word for the victim girl. Even after listing everything the girl still does not react to the other children.

Police have spoken over the matter to the media, and said, that the girl was approached by the other people to come near the Frankston train station and Bayside Centre shops at 12:15 AM. But when the girl reached, the other children asked her to hand over all the personal items and her mobile. Later, the girl was beaten and kicked by the other children.

When the incident was reported to the police, soon transit police reached the spot and arrested the kids. The police have further worked on the case to the court, and the police have clearly mentioned, that they are not allowed to mention any information about the case, as it is a childline sensitive case, and may turn out to have been done under the other gangs of robbers and stabbers. According to the sources, the girl was stabbed, robbed, and stabbed by a gang of one boy and a girl. The boy is a 14-year-old teenager, whereas the girl is only 12 years old.


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