The Texas shooter Salvador Ramos who was just 18 years old, killed two teachers and 19 students at Robb Elementary School on 24, May, Tuesday. He shot at US customs and other protection officers as they reached classroom where he hide himself. An CBP official gives information to The Washington Post about the gunman that he fired openly on the officers, a rescue agent, one sheriff, entered in the classroom by 12:50 pm. An BORTAC agent who was off-duty firstly, arrived the classroom, many other officers were in the hallway. They took maximum 40 minutes to decide the strategy as law enforcement come up with a plan.

Salvador Ramos Jumped out of Hiding Place in Closet

As per reports, the agents use ballistic shield, which U.S Marshall give to them, The insider told that who control this operation is hard to tell. There was a small crew gathered, and the first BORTAC officer burst the door and get in the empty classroom where the gun man was hiding. Moreover, the other officers, and other authorities takes children out from the classes with them. Officers also requests to access the classroom, which took them at-least one hour to get from Janitor.


As per Washington Reprts, one officer said that he didn’t heard any kind of sound of firing at that time. An officer also said that after receiving the key, they entered within the minutes. They reached at 12:50 p.m. On 24th May, at 11:28 am he jumped from the class having AR-15 rifle, and after twelve minutes, authorities said that Salvodor was in the fourth grade classroom, and killed 19 students with two teachers. Law enforcement confirms the death news of Salvor Ramos at 12:58pm.

After talking to Televisa, His mother Adriana Martinez said please forgive my son. I know he had some reasons for what he did in Texas Elemantry School. She was having tears in her eyes and said that please don’t judge his child. I am in a pain that he did this to young children’s and teachers.


His father  said that he is really sorry for what his son did. He never expected that he will do something like that, he said on Tuesday morning he was at his workplace when his son get into Robb Elemantry school. He said when Adriana called him and tell what he did, he firstly, called the local jail to know if his son is in the jail. But ” they killed my child”.


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