A bomb ignited at the Pakistan City Quetta has killed five people and 12 people are majority injured in the explosion. The attack happened on Wednesday when a suicide bomber uses a car that carries the explosives. The car was in the parking area of Serena Hotel and exploded there. The target of that suicide bomber to kill China’s ambassadors. There was 4 ambassador in came for the meeting but one of them was not in the hotel at the time of the attack. When the car exploded then fire spread to other vehicles nearby. Many of the people around the hotel suffer the attack. The ambassador Nong Rong was not in the HOtel at the time of the attack. The official given the statement on the explosion. The

Pakistan Hotel Blast

militant organization also suffered an attack in a tribal area nearby Afghanistan Border. There are reports that two security guards declared dead on the spot. After the explosion happened, the hotel staff check on each guest to ensure if they are safe or not. There were children and women as a guest staying in the hotel. They confirmed their safety and called the ambulance and police to examine the situation. The police arrived on time and look into the incident. They identified that a suicide car bomber tried to kill Chinese ambassadors so they parked the car in the

parking area of Hotel. Police examined the situation and called the ambulance to control the fire. The hotel has suffered compensation due to the fire damaged some of the areas in the hotel. The police have declared two guards dead before the ambulance arrives. The footage of the blast has also shred on social media as well. This is the luxurious hotel in Quetta which is allotted to Government officials and VIPs. The Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad stated on Pakistani

broadcaster ARY News Television that this incident happened due to a car bomber used it to target Mr. Nong who is a Chinese ambassador who was not inside the hotel while the blast took place. China’s foreign ministry chairperson stated that his condolence is with the pure victims. The Police have also shifted the injured people to the nearby hospital. They also check on hotel staff and guests inside the hotel if they are safe or not. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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