The most amazing game is here and it has announced the latest version of the game. So be ready for the exceptional upgrade in the story. If you are a player and fan of the mobile game Fortnite then this report is for you. This is a 17.21 version of the game and is ready to bring new features and including upgrades in performance and system stability as well. The update is available for all the gamers and you can download this update now to get all eh major changes in the game.

Fortnite Update

Fortnite Update 17.30

On the basis of the information, the map is also changed and upgraded with amazing gra[phics. We ensure you, that you will enjoy the experience of new modes including new maps in the game. This recent update was the most awaited by millions of fans across the world. The popularity of this arcade game can be seen easily after watch reviews on the internet.

As we know, discussion over this update is necessary. So we want to tell you complete details about update 17.21. According to details, it brings certain changes which are mentioned below.

So far in update 17.21:

  • – Plasma Cannon (“Bad News Gun”)
  • – Coral Castle, Corny Complex and Slurpy Swamp will get abducted (soon)
  • – Live Event in 10 days (Friday Aug. 6th, 1 PM ET / 6 PM UK)
  • – Some small changes to the Lobby Lay-out

Fortnite Update 17.30 Patch Notes Ariana Grande

Even the excitement cannot be finished here because it has 10 days special round. In this round gamers can participate and win exciting prizes. Now the first of the game after these updates have appeared among all of us. So we can enjoy the update and these major changes in Fortnite from now this moment.

The above tweets are just two of the changes that have been noted so far. We know that Update 17.21 will also bring a brand new weapon, the Plasma Cannon and that the event, when it happens, has some cosmetics attached to it. Besides this, the map is officially available on Friday, 6 August. Get ready for the update and check the details on the official website of the gaming company.


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