The popular gamer and streamer RaulZito has been allegedly arrested today. He is a famous gamer and streamer of the online multiplayer battle game Fortnite. The real name of gamer RaulZito is Raulino de Oliveira Maciel. The cause behind his arrest warrant has been disclosed and here are the complete details that why the well-known celebrity of the gaming world is arrested suddenly. To know each and every key point regarding the case make sure you have read the report till the last word.

Fortnite Gamer Raulzito Arrested

Fortnite Gamer Raulzito Arrested

According to the details disclosed by officials, this well-known personality of the gaming world Raulino de Oliveira Maciel is arrested by police against a charge on him. It is reportedly found that he is raping two minors he lured via his popular Livestream.

The case has been filed immediately and action was taken just after the live stream where he performed all the incidents. He has done thousands of live streams of Fortnite for a long time. But no one had assumed that he can use his fame to abuse children.

In the matter of this case, Brazilian authorities revealed how Maciel was detained by child protection officers on Tuesday, July 27, in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina. It is shameful for everyone and his fans never expected all this. Now his fans starts to take their support back and as a result of this action. There is a huge number of fans who unsubscribe from his channel and social media pages after this case.

Who is Raulzito?

Meanwhile, police have recorded another victim or a child who is just 12 years old and abused. Although the gender is not revealed in the reports.

The Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro’s Department for Child and Adolescent Victims (DCAV) detained RaulZito on Tuesday, July 27 in Florianópolis, in the state of Santa Catarina.

Currently, there is only these action has taken by the police and if there will any update regarding the case. We will definitely cover the news with complete information and detailed facts. To know further news about the Fortnite Gamer RaulZito, then make sure you bookmarked the website now for future updates.


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