Former running football player, Zac Stacy just made several headlines on social media after his recent video is going viral on social media. An Ex-New York Jets player can be seen allegedly beaten up brutally by his ex-girlfriend in a house and the whole incident was captured in two cameras.

Zac Stacy Beaten Up His Ex-Girlfriend

Stacy has beaten up her in front of their 5-months-old son at the women’s Florida home. According to the sources, the incident took place this Saturday, November 13, 2021, when Zac Stacy reached the ex-girlfriend’s place to see their child. She has been identified as Kristin.

Former Jets Running Player Zac Stacy Beaten Up His Ex-Girlfriend

Zac Stacy, who played in eight games for the New York Jets in 2015 has become a topic on Twitter and his video has gone viral on several social media platforms. In the video, the 30-years-old player can be seen punching the woman in the head several times before banging her into a TV.

The video was recorded in a surveillance camera and shared by the victim’s friend on Twitter. Along with this, when the player slammed her into a TV, that fell over the woman as well. After a few seconds, it also showed that Zac is throwing something at the woman as she pleaded with him to stay calm.

The video was shared by Kristin’s best friend and wrote a caption with the video,” This happened to my best friend Kristin in front of her child. Now, a federal warrant has been issued, she feels safe sharing this. ZacStacy is one the run from Flordia in Nashville. Expose this monster and help catch him pt 3″. After this attack happened to her, Kristin informed the police about it.

Along with this, she also applied for a restraining order against Zac Stacy for her baby and herself. She stated in a statement,” Zac punched me several times in the head and I begged him to stop because the baby was in the couch just feet from where he punched me. Then, he picked me and threw me into a TV. As I laid on the floor to yell at me and told me I am destructive”.

Kristin also claimed that she fears for her life and her children’s life. She was admitted to a hospital for a possible head wound. While Zac Stacy was reported on the run. When the video went viral on social media, it gained millions of attention and was viewed more than 70K times. Many netizens reacted to this video and gave their views over video.



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